Invited Talks and Public Lectures

The Long Road to Peace: Enter the Peace Broker (Panel Discussion at the British Library on America’s Role as WWI Peace Broker with Hew Strachan and Phillips O’Brien, April 2017)


‘Nurse, Suffragette, War Writer: Ellen N. La Motte’s Letters and The Backwash of War’ (Transatlantic Women in the Trenches, Public Engagement Event in Northlight Heritage’s reconstructed trenches in Pollok Park, Glasgow, April 2017)

Podcast available here. Review of the day here and accompanying blog post here


‘Ellen N. La Motte: A Hopkins Nurse in the Backwash of War’ (Invited Opening Lecture of the Hopkins and the Great War exhibition, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, October 2016)


Fighting France at 100: Rediscovering Edith Wharton’s First World War Reporting’ (Public Lecture at Wharton’s home, The Mount, Lenox, Massachusetts, July 2015)


‘“Fragments of a Great Confusion”: Reading Death in Women’s First World War Writing’ (Invited Plenary Lecture at the Graduate English Conference, Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven, Connecticut, April 2013)


‘Wharton at War’ (Public Lecture at The Mount, Lenox, Massachusetts, April 2013)


Conference and Panel Organization

'Over There: The American Great War' (Panel organised at American Literature Association Conference, Boston, May 2017)


‘Goodbye Broadway, Hello France: Reconsidering American WWI Literature’ (Panel organised at MLA 2017, Philadelphia, January 2017)


Lead Organiser, Ford Foundation-funded “Inequalities” Two-Day Interdisciplinary Seminar (TORCH, University of Oxford, June 2016)


 First World War Nursing: Other Fronts, Other Spaces, co-organised with Alison Fell (One-day symposium including academics, nursing practitioners and HLF medical organizations, Wellcome Trust, London, April 2016)


Wharton in Wartime (Roundtable discussion with myself, Hermione Lee, Shafquat Towheed and Elleke Boehmer, TORCH, University of Oxford, February 2016)

Podcast available here


BAMS Postgraduate Training Day: Modernist Studies and Administration (One-day training event, University of Cambridge, July 2012)                           


New Work in Modernist Studies (One-day BAMS Postgraduate Conference, Senate House, London, December 2011)


Shaping Modernism: Katherine Mansfield and her Contemporaries (Two-day international residential conference co-organised with Kate Kennedy, English Faculty, University of Cambridge, March 2011)

Conference and Seminar Papers

Since 2009, I’ve given over twenty-five international conference and seminar papers, in the UK and Europe (London, Worcester, Cambridge, Portsmouth, Sussex, Newcastle, Plymouth, Ireland, France, Poland) and in the US and Canada (New Haven, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Boston, the US Military Academy at West Point, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Ontario).

I also regularly chair events in Oxford, such as the History of War Seminar, the American Literature Research Seminar, and Women in Humanities events.

Please see my CV for full details.


‘“A Change of Heart’: Representations of Death and Memorialization in First World War Writing by Women, 1914-39’ (Poster outlining my doctoral research presented at Initiations: First Moments in the First World War, Historial de la Grande Guerre, Péronne, France, July 2014)


Talks on Career Development and Writing Practices

'Cameraderie, Community, Teamwork: Why Every University Should Have an Academic Writing Group' (University of Leeds Research Away Day, May 2017) (Invited)


Surviving the Academic Job Market (Faculty of History, University of Oxford, December 2016)


Healthy Writing Practices (Faculty of English, University of Oxford, November 2016)

Film Series

The RAI Goes to the Movies was a film series I organised in spring 2017 to commemorate the entry of the United States into WWI. The aim was to enable the audience to experience the films that American people were watching during and after the war, to consider how visual and film culture has helped to shape the war in American cultural memory. Each film was introduced by a speaker and followed by a discussion, and accompanied by popcorn.